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Lawn Care Maintenance

lawn maintenance

Mowing is an essential part of lawn care during the growing season. It helps control the height of the grass, prevents it from going to seed, and promotes a healthy and lush lawn. This guide will explain how often to mow, mowing height for different grass types and seasons, and how to properly manage grass clippings.

Mowing Frequency

  • The mowing frequency depends on the type of grass you have and its growth rate.

  • Cool season lawns (fescue, Kentucky bluegrass) have two main growth periods: spring and fall, when temperatures are below 80-85°F. Mow these lawns weekly during these periods.

  • Warm season grasses (Bermuda, centipede) thrive in temperatures above 85°F. Mow them weekly or more often during peak growth periods.

Mowing Height

  • Mowing height is crucial for preventing water stress during hot weather and controlling weeds.

  • Never mow less than 2-2.5 inches during peak summer months.

  • Raise the mower height to 3-3.5 inches during droughts to improve the lawn’s chance of survival.

  • Taller grass shades the soil, keeping it cooler and preventing weed seed germination.

Scalping and Clippings

  • Scalping (removing more than a third of the grass blade) weakens the lawn, making it susceptible to heat stress, weeds, and disease.

  • Leave grass clippings on the lawn. They decompose quickly and return nutrients to the soil, reducing fertilizer needs by up to 25%.

  • If clippings clump, use a rake to redistribute them or mow over them until they disappear.

Mowing at the End of the Season

  • Warm season lawns: Mow them to a lower height (1-2 inches) before winter to remove dead leaves and prevent matting due to snow.

  • Gradually raise the mower height again in the spring.

By following these mowing practices, you can ensure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season.

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